Factors which affect the home

Quality of Land : First, we examine the quality of land and find out is this land is appropriate according to Vastu rules.

Layout :- We Compare your layout of building with the appropriate layout out of building and Find out the best solution so that we can utilize the maximum space with maximum benefits of Vastu.

Design of building :- We match design of building with recorded method of vastu knowledge, and if need than suggest some changes to maintain the balance between type and shape of land with the design of buildings.

Interior arrangement of buildings:- We examine interior arrangement of building like main switch board, route of the wires, water tank, water pipelines, drainage system under ground water boring, septic tank, etc.

interior arrangement of rooms, we do interior arrangements of rooms as per their nature of work, locations and directions

Interior Decoration (Both Inside and Outside Area): - We examine interior decoration of your office and pay attention towards Situation of your place by latitude and longitude. Type of room and features of concern rooms and their nature of work. Which color fascinated to deity and lord of concern direction and work of rooms.

Which color support and which color create problem? Type and shape of furniture and wood as well as in other material. What kind of pictures, scenery, and nature of it. Show pieces and other related stuffs. Statues of lord and other statues.

Vastu Remedial services :- in layout of building if we find any design against vastu provision and comes under vastu dosha & physically its not possible to change in layout in that case we remove such kind of vastu dosha without any major changes in layout by vastu remedial measure.

Vastu related astrological services :-We advice you about the concern astrological services like MAHURAT of SHELANESH, KHAAT, DEWAR SETHAPNA, ENTRANCE IN OFFICE, VASTU SHANTI.

Fectors For Industry & Factory

Length & breath of land & worth of land, nearest road & surrounding trees, atmosphere & shape of land
Provision of base
Position of stairs
Appropriate place for lift
Direction of slope
Drainage system of chemicals & other polluted liquids
Prohibited area for any construction
Direction of main gate
Which part of land should be use for main building
Which area should be open
Type, number & design of building
Location of power generating plant
Placement of transformer, generator, boiler.
Position of well, boring, underground tank, overhead tank & water storage system
Placement & direction for heavy machines
Placement of motor, meter, main switch board,
Which part of building should be use for raw material
Location of store of unfurnished goods
Which part of building should be use for store of ready goods & packing unit
Location of work shop & position of unit for maintenance
Location of research & development unit
Location of laboratory for chemicals
Location of assembling unit
Location of administrative block
Interior arrangements of administrative block
Position of security guard & check post
Location of staff quarters
Location of hostel & guest house & their interior arrangements
Prohibited area for boiler & electric equipment’s
Location of school in factory compound
Location of dispensary
Location of community center
Location of staff quarters
Which area should be use for parking of heavy vehicle as well as light vehicles

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If you are purchasing a new /Plot/ House/ Apartment/Farm House/Shop/ Business Premises, or starting an Educational Institution/ Hotel/ Hospital/ Industry/ Installing new plant& machinery than Vastu advice is called for.

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