East Vs. West:

Every body knows East is a sunrise direction. Sun gives life to every body, it purifies, cleanses, energizes the whole universe. Yes the east direction is related to prosperity and fulfillment in life. So the question is who does not want to be prosperous? For prosperity, the east should always be open, ventilated, light and clean. If these parameters are not taken care of, then how can you welcome the prosperity from the east direction? If there are maximum openings in the form of windows, doors, ventilators etc., lot of sun energy can enter the premises. The sunlight, which is coming, is full of ultra violet rays, which are very healthy and contain medicinal value. The Indian epics always stress on the early rise for the human being because of the usage for the early sunrays.

The Surya Namskar also works in the same manner so that the body may be fulfilled with the sun energy. The human being can go out in open to get sun energy but the building structure cannot go out. So to reap the benefits of the sun energy try to open the east to the maximum.

Washrooms if given in the east contaminate the solar energy, this direction is considered very pious so don’t make such a use of this direction that it may get dirty. Storerooms and generator rooms are also not allowed in the eastern direction. The total area should be divided in three parts. The first part is the North East, which is a strict no for storerooms and generator rooms. The second part is bang east which again should be spared. The third part is southeast. This part can have the generator and fire works like kitchen and industrial fire etc.

The eastern direction can have a puja room or a study room. Conference rooms in the corporate sector are also a good usage for the east sides. The color combination should be used in lighter and pastel shades like leaf green, cream shades etc.

West is a dark direction. It is a sun set direction. Sun sets in the west direction. The west direction is owned by Lord Varun and ruled by Lord Saturn. Due to the dark nature of this direction violet shade, gray shades and darker shades of colors are suitable to this direction.

West is more powerful at night because of its dark nature. It is activated in the evenings after the sunset. Bedrooms, leisure rooms, rest rooms, family sit outs are best in this direction. West should not have a kitchen it is not prosperous and pious. West direction can have toilets and washrooms. The overhead water tanks are best placed in this direction. This gives weight to this direction. The owner of this direction the lord Varun that symbolizes water. Avoid the main entries from this direction as we discussed that the corresponding entry from the east should be used.

The extensions in the west are not good and it should be made regularly shaped. It gives delays in the life. There should not be any sumps in the western directions. Water tanks, which are under ground, borings, swimming pools etc., are not at all allowed in the western directions.

Always try to make your back towards the western directions. In this way you will always be facing the east directions, which is very prosperous. Televisions etc. should be kept like this that you are forced to face the east direction.

The western walls should be made heavy and strong. The windows, openings should be 50% in comparison to eastern directions. The more strong walls in the west, the more you will be happy. Stronger walls in the west stop the leakage of the subtle energies.

Furniture weights should be made more in the west in comparison to the eastern parts. The balance should show a good difference between east and west. You can make a rockier in the western part as it will make it heavy. Big and heavy trees can be planted in the western directions.

Beware if you are going to select a plot and if it is west facing take care that it should not face a garden or open spaces. If you have a western direction to face for your structure you should not make the main entry from the southwestern corner. It will act as a very strong enemy. The main gate should always bring good luck so never make a main gate in the southwest.

West Walls should not be studded with looking mirrors; this will make the west wall bigger. The family pictures can be hung on the west walls so that it may receive the good energies of east.

Vaastu Smart Business:

Dont ever take loans on a Tuesday. In fact, do the reverse— always try to repay loan installments on Tuesday.

If you are lending money to someone, do not lend it on a Wednesday, for there might be difficulties in reclaiming it.

If burdened by loans and business problems, place a picture of lord Krishna playing the flute and flanked by Radha and a cow. It is said that Krishnas flute takes away all your problems. But just hanging a picture will not help. Also work hard to counter other shortcomings that harm your business.

Apply a swastika with turmeric powder on the main door. Always light a diya outside the main door in the evening.

Follow the proverbearly to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Wake up with the sun; it helps you and your business grow.

Lack of Income:

Do you complain that your income is not sufficient to meet your expenses? Do you wonder why you cannot save money? Analyze your residential/office structure. The north wall should be lower in heights than the south wall. North is the direction for North Pole energy, never blocks the North Pole energy by elevating your building higher towards the north. Also keep the north clean and fresh as possible. This keeps the money position stable and strong. For this appeases kuber, the lord of the north. If you are If you fortunate to get a north facing house or factory never create upper floors, in the north direction. Do not position overhead water tanks in the north. Pillars for beautifying the elevation given in north is also not good.

Lack of Concentration:

Scholars, accountants, and computer programmers anyone at all can suffer from the problem of low concentration. Scan the things and environment around you. If you see clutter around your area this means there are things lying which are not required on day-to-day basis. If you are not organized you cannot concentrate. Take care of your colors around you; the colors should not be dark and hazy. Combine colors such that lighter ones dominate the darker ones, this is very beneficial for harmony, peace and concentration.

Ensure that you are welcoming the north energies or not this will make you feel energized, open maximum windows towards the north direction, and do not give admirals and heavy storages on the north wall. Giving good and big mirrors on north wall makes the north feel more open and wider. Don’t ever store shoes and sleepers in the north, shoes carry lots of weight. Face towards the north or northeast direction while studying, praying or working for increase in concentration and memory.

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